It was a sad weekend for restaurateurs and diners along Winnipeg's Ellice Avenue, as three establishments within a few blocks of each other have closed their doors for good.

The Black Sheep Diner, located at Ellice and Langside Street, shut down at 2 p.m. CT on Sunday. The tiny restaurant was known for using local ingredients in its breakfast dishes, as well as for promoting local art.

Ellice Avenue and Langside Street, Winnipeg

Owner Angela Forget told CBC News she was forced to close the diner because the building is being sold. She said she hopes to reopen at another location.

The diner's closure came after the Ellice Cafe and Theatre, on Ellice and Sherbrook, shut down on Friday for financial reasons, while the Lo Pub and Bistro on Ellice and Kennedy served its last drinks on Saturday evening.

"It was a huge day on a number of different emotional levels for me," Jack Jonasson, the Lo Pub's manager, said Sunday.

"It was a great sendoff for the room. We had some great bands play and we did what we always do, which is put on good shows and have fun."

Jonasson said the Lo Pub is closing because its liquor licence belonged to Hostelling International, which has decided to shut down its 120-bed hostel there.

The Forks North Portage Partnership, which owns the building, has decided to sell it.

Jonasson said there are plans to reopen the Lo Pub at a different location.