Serious injuries in Perimeter Highway crash

Emergency crews had to remove the top section of a car to rescue the people inside after a serious collision on Winnipeg's bypass highway Friday night.
The roof of this car had to be removed so emergency crews could free the passengers. ((Shaun McLeod/CBC))
A woman is in critical condition in a Winnipeg hospital following a crash involving a sports car and a transport truck on the Perimeter Highway Friday night.

The RCMP say the driver of the car is suspected of drinking and driving and that the operator of the transport truck failed to remain at the scene of the accident.

Emergency crews had to remove the top section of the car to rescue three people who were inside.

On Saturday, police said all of the occupants were hurt, and one — a woman in the front passenger seat — was in critical condition in hospital.

Police also confirmed earlier reports that the transport truck did not remain at the scene of the crash.

They reported that the driver stopped after the crash, but did not stick around. They said the transport truck and the driver were found later in the night at Deacon's corner, about 15 kilometres from the crash site.

Emergency crews work to rescue passengers of a car involved in a crash on the Perimeter Highway, in Winnipeg's northeast. ((Shaun McLeod/CBC))

Police said other drivers stopped to help, including an off-duty nurse and an off-duty paramedic.

Emergency crews also rushed to the scene and specialized equipment was used to remove the entire upper portion of the car.

The accident happened around 10:20 p.m. CT near the intersection of the Perimeter Highway and Highway 59, also called Lagimodiere Boulevard.

Police said Saturday that their preliminary investigation shows the driver of the sports car, which was going south, ran through a red light at a busy intersection and was hit on the passenger side by the transport truck, which was going east.

They said the sports car driver, a 20-year-old woman, was treated in hospital for her injuries and released.

They added that she was then arrested on suspicion of impaired driving causing body harm.

Police did not keep her in custody. They said formal charges would be prepared and the woman has a court appearance set for April 9.

The third person in the sports car, also a woman, was in the back seat and was treated in hospital for her injuries and released.