Two Winnipeg seniors are worried ambulances won’t be able to reach their homes if they need to because plows are piling huge chunks of ice and snow on their sidewalk.

Marie Gabarevic​ lives at her William Avenue home with her 85-year-old husband.

William Avenue

Large ice chunks have made sidewalks on William Avenue impassable. (Holly Caruk/CBC)

Both have significant health issues, with Gabarevic, who is 63, being diagnosed with throat cancer three years ago. Her husband is in a wheelchair.

Gabarevic said city plows have been pushing snow and ice onto the sidewalk when they plow the nearby street, making the sidewalk impassable.

She has tried to shovel a portion so ambulances can get to her home if they need to, but she said it’s hard for her to do so much work outside with her condition.

“I had cancer three years ago, and I speak with a prosthesis, so it’s very hard for me to go out and shovel,” said Gabarevic.

She said she tried to call the city’s 311 line to ask them to clear the sidewalk, and claims after waiting on hold for over an hour and a half she gave up.

She said she’s called multiple times and waited on hold for long periods each time.

In response to CBC's inquiry, a city official said the woman's area was scheduled to have the sidewalks plowed Sunday evening. She said the city is looking into Gabarevic's complaint about the length of time she claims she spent on hold with 311.