A Winnipeg senior is fed up with her landlord after a bed bug infestation that has dragged on for eight months despite five fumigations.

"It's really gotten to me," said Anne Brown, who lives at Lion's Place on Portage Avenue.

Brown has had to leave her apartment for each fumigation and has suffered bed bug bites as well as damaged property.

She lost her clothes, a winter coat and a quilt.

"My granddaughters brought me [a] blanket to keep grandma warm," said Brown.

In her bedroom, sticky tape has been put down to catch bed bugs who survived the fumigation.

Taz Stuart, an entomologist with Poulin's Pest Control said five to 10 treatments isn't unheard of – especially in bigger buildings.

"The products available that are registered in Canada don't control bed bug eggs, so therefore we have to come back on average anywhere from 10 to 14 days later, do another retreatment, keep monitoring and making sure," said Stuart.

But moving quickly is critical, he said.

"If you wait too long, it takes longer to get rid of," said Stuart.

Brown's Landlord, The Lions Club of Winnipeg, would only say they have a stringent bed bug protocol and tenant concerns are addressed in a timely matter.

But Brown said the issue is part of a larger problem – inadequate upkeep in the building.

She had an air conditioner installed recently, but when it rains, it leaks water into her apartment. She stuffed paper in the cracks to try and stop it, but it hasn't been fixed.

She also hasn't had heat since March and worries about some of her other neighbours.

Brown plans to file a complaint with the residential tenancies branch and is now searching for a new apartment.