An ice jam and rising water levels on the Red River meant the Selkirk Bridge and part of Highway 204 had to be closed to traffic over the weekend.

The province announced Saturday Highway 204 had to be closed down after rising waters flooded out a stretch of the road in East Selkirk

It remained closed Sunday from Ferry Road to the rural municipality of St. Clements.

Levels were also high north of Selkirk beneath the Highway 4 bridge. CBC Manitoba's Nelly Gonzalez said homes in the area didn't appear to be at risk of flooding.

The City of Selkirk said on its website Sunday that the river has breached its banks and crews are preparing to fight flooding by putting up barricades in the most at-risk areas.

The city is asking residents to stay away from the river banks and to remain behind city barricades for their own safety.

Meanwhile, officials in St. Clements said they are continuing to monitor the movement of the ice as it flows north. Officials are hopeful the ice jams will break apart by the time they reach Breezy Point.

Manitoba's flood forecast centre says the spring melt has been boosted by the mild temperatures and the Red River crest is on the way. 

Last week, flood forecasters said the Red River was expected to peak at Emerson between Friday and Sunday and Ste. Agathe between Saturday and Monday.