Premier Greg Selinger’s popularity has taken a hit after instituting a hike in the provincial sales tax last year, at least according to one national poll.

Now, with the premier of Newfoundland and Labrador stepping down, Selinger may be dead last in popularity among Canadian premiers.

Kathy Dunderdale, 61, said Wednesday she will resign as premier on Friday.

In a recent Angus Reid Global poll, Dunderdale was the only thing between Selinger and dead last in popularity among his peers.

Shachi Kurl, the vice president of Angus Reid Global, said Manitoba’s premier has a lot of work to do if he wants to regain public support.

“Catching your citizens off guard around a very fundamental thing, something as important as tax policy and a tax increase, certainly created a lot of backlash for the premier,” said Kurl.

But according to Winnipegger Bill Stewart, the PST hike isn’t all Selinger’s fault.

“All governments could spend better. I don’t think Selinger should be held out to dry for that. I think he’s as competitive as anyone else in the next election,” said Stewart.

Selinger was not available to comment on the poll, but an NDP spokesperson told CBC he plans to lead the party in the next provincial election.