Selinger emotional during swearing-in ceremony

Greg Selinger was sworn in as Manitoba's 21st premier on Monday.

Greg Selinger was sworn in as Manitoba's 21st premier on Monday.

Selinger, who beat Steve Ashton by almost a 2-to-1 margin in Saturday's leadership vote to replace Gary Doer, took his oath in front of friends, family and colleagues at the Manitoba legislature.

The ceremony was conducted by Lt.-Gov. Philip Lee.

There was a brief and rare show of emotion from Selinger, 58, just after the swearing-in as he spoke to reporters about his new role.

"It perhaps sounds trite, but I'm, obviously, humbled and honoured to have this opportunity," he said, becoming choked up.

"It's clearly not possible without the support of your family and the volunteers, so the job is to get on with the show, and we will do that."

Selinger said he will name a cabinet within two weeks and that it will include Ashton.

The new premier wasted no time wading into the issue of the day: swine flu. Selinger told reporters there is enough vaccine against the H1N1 influenza A virus, which causes the flu, for every Manitoban who wants it.

Further details about when and where the vaccine will be available are to be announced later this week, he said.

Earlier in the day, Selinger stopped by the CBC Manitoba building as a guest on Information Radio, the morning radio show.

He said he is looking forward to working and learning from the premiers of other provinces.

"I've actually had an opportunity to be involved with most of them on various files," he said. "I think they all bring various strengths to the table, [and] you can learn from what they're getting in trouble for, as well as what they're doing well, quite frankly."

In a light-hearted question-and-answer session, he also revealed he begins his day with skim milk and whole wheat toast, regrets being involved in the 1970s fashion trend of bell-bottom pants and has always wanted to have a role in helping people.