A Winnipeg man is angry his neighbours left cars on the street during snow-cleaning operations, and upset the city didn't tow them away.

David Spigleman, who is on crutches because of a knee injury, said he now faces a difficult time getting over snow ridges left behind when graders were forced to go around parked cars.

Residential street plowing schedule
Thursday from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. C

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On Tuesday, he moved his car before his street's parking ban went into effect at 7 a.m. but his neighbours didn't.

"A few people who are selfish and don't think about others make it more difficult for people who are currently in my position," he said.

At 8 a.m., Spigleman phoned the city to complain about the cars still on the road.

"Thirteen cars on the street, and no one came to deal with it. And the plows arrived at 9 o'clock and just went around the cars, which makes more of a mess and creates more of an unlevel surface," he said, adding none of the cars were ever towed.

The city admits parked cars are slowing their operation but it has been trying to move as many as possible.

The City of Winnipeg says it handed out 4,557 parking tickets and towed 1,431 vehicles between 7 a.m. Tuesday and 7 a.m. Thursday.

The snow-clearing schedule was expected to wrap up on 7 p.m. Thursday.