A Winnipeg woman is frustrated after another crash in her St. James neighbourhood she says could have been prevented by snow clearing.

It happened Wednesday evening on Overdale Street — the same stretch of road where a car spun 90 degrees before smashing into a tree on Monday.

Allison Minaker, who lives on Overdale, has heard people blame the drivers for the crashes — for not driving to the winter conditions — but she said it's not that simple.

She also nearly went out of control without accelerating at all.

"When my car tried to flip out and go horizontal, I couldn't even get my foot off the clutch," she said.

"And the people I've been speaking to have been going to five kilometres an hour. So I don't know how you can go slower . . .  unless you push your car."

Overdale was supposed to be plowed Tuesday night but crews didn't make it out.

Minaker said the city should put up signs warning against travel on Overdale if it isn't able to keep it plowed.

"You can take all the defensive driving courses you want [but] you get in those ruts [and it's hard to control]," she said, adding she doesn't know why those ruts affect cars so much.

"Maybe it's a certain width of tire, a certain weight of vehicle."

Minaker thinks because Overdale is narrow, and has more traffic, it needs more plowing than other residential streets.