The search for a man missing from a remote northern Manitoba community is getting some help from airborn volunteers.

The RCMP confirmed Monday that CASARA, the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association, is helping in the search for 42-year-old Gordon Brass of Birch River since Sunday afternoon.

Dozens of searchers on foot, horseback, and quads are still combing the bush and surrounding area for Brass.

He hasn't been seen since October 4th.

His sister Margaret Linklater is increasingly worried, especially as the nights get colder.

"We look towards the mountains at nights to see if we can see a fire of any kind, because he was raised in the bush most of his life," she said. "So if he is out there, he would know what to do."

Brass suffers from seizures, and Linklater fears her brother may have had one and become disoriented.

She said it is not like him to drop out of contact. RCMP said Monday they are no longer directly involved in the search but are liaising with searchers. They do not suspect foul play.