Scorching days ahead for Winnipeg

CBC meteorologist John Sauder's forecast is bathed in sun and heat.
The sun shines on a beautiful Wednesday morning in Winnipeg. (Brett Purdy/CBC)

You think it's hot in Winnipeg now, just wait.

How are these numbers for the next six days:

  • Thursday  29 C
  • Friday  32 C
  • Saturday — 27 C
  • Sunday — 28 C
  • Monday — 28 C
  • Tuesday — 28 C

That's what CBC meteorologist John Sauder is forecasting, starting with a comparatively moderate 26 C for Wednesday.

While most of that time will be bathed in sun, Sauder isn't ruling out showers on Thursday evening and overnight into Friday.

And a humid Friday could trigger some big thunderstorms in the late afternoon and evening.

But that rain could be a relief for parched plants and gardens.