CBC Reporter Scott Dippel covers politics from Calgary. (CBC)

Don't you just love spin? The Tories trot out another election campaign promise on Wednesday in Calgary. They promise 50 new schools ($1.2 billion) and 70 school upgrades (again, $1.2 billion) that they'll deliver over four years, starting in 2013.   

 Then Alison Redford throws in the capper: Albertans, you can have schools or you can have two years of $300 cheques in energy dividends from a Wildrose government. But not both. Choose.

The Wildrose war room cranks out a release a short time later. It says Albertans can't afford all this without a tax hike. And fear not: those dividend cheques will only be paid once things like education and health care are paid for. No choosing.  


  • PCs: vote for us and we'll look after education.
  • Wildrose: vote for us and you get health and education AND if there is a surplus, you'll get a share.

Decision:  How you feel about either message depends entirely on which party you trust and how you feel about their opponent.