Winnipeg School Division is set to review a motion that aims to prevent kids from being stuck waiting in the cold for long periods of time.

School trustee Mike Babinsky said he’s received a number of complaints about school buses not showing up or showing up very late to pick up their kids.

“The children would be waiting here super cold,” said Babinsky.

He said he has received complaints about long delays on especially cold days, including one when the wind chill made it feel like -30 out and another where a child was waiting for their school bus for over an hour.

“They’re already calling me saying it happened three, four times,” he said. “They’ve already exhausted their avenues.”

What parents want is better communication when a bus is running late or isn’t coming at all.

Babinsky is hoping to come up with a plan to do that. He has prepared a motion on the issue to be presented Monday evening at a school division meeting.

The chairwoman of the Winnipeg School Division, Suzanne Hrynyk, said the motion is unnecessary.

“I haven’t seen any increase in complaints from parents, and this is my eighth year as a trustee,” she said. “Senior administration is always looking at ways to improve the communication systems, so we don’t need a motion from trustees to improve the service that we’re providing.”

She said when there are bus or class cancellations notices are posted on the division’s website, distributed to the media and made available on the division’s phone line.

Hrynyk added if buses are delayed, there is no immediate way to notify parents.

The school division meeting begins at 7 p.m.