A Winnipeg School Division trustee says free catered meals for trustees and senior administration should no longer be allowed.


Mike Babinsky, a school trustee says the Winnipeg School Division should stop paying for meals as board meetings. (CBC)

"Because I don't believe it's right," said Mike Babinsky. "I mean here we are, we are having people, seniors calling us, that  are saying they are on fixed incomes and here we are...increasing the school taxes on them."

Babinsky said the free lunches were a practice which started almost two decades ago and it's costing thousands of dollars.

He has put forward a motion to stop the funding for these type of meals, which will be heard at Monday night's school board meeting.

About 20 people who attend the meetings get the free food, even though in some instances the meeting only lasts just over an hour, said Babinsky.

He is calling for a recorded vote at Monday night's meeting, so the public can see how the trustees voted.

Babinsky added that he has not eaten the meals.

The Winnipeg School Division said it spent $3,900 in 2012 on providing food for meetings.