A recent high school grad has become what's widely believed to be the youngest school trustee ever in Manitoba.

Mike Lawson, 18, was elected Wednesday to sit as a trustee for the Sunrise School Division, located in the eastern part of the province.

He said he was eager to put his passions for school and politics to good use.

"I love the power that students have, that the kids in the schools have," Lawson said with a laugh. "How, you know, each and every one can influence someone much older than them."

Lawson is fresh out of high school, having just recently graduated from Springfield Collegiate Institute (SCI) in the community of Oakbank.

Lawson was showing signs of his future career back in March 2009 when he was selected as the recipient of the Young Community Leader Award at the Manitoba Association of School Truustees convention that spring.

He was cited for his positive influence on the SCI community, through counselling struggling students or coordinating fundraising events, to helping staff welcome new students and serving as a peer leader.

Lawson was also a student representative on the Springfield Collegiate parent-advisory council.

"I love the schools. I actually didn't want to graduate. I wanted to stay in school, but … I enjoy politics. So I put the two together and I ran," he said.

Although he has a full-time job in Winnipeg, Lawson said his employer has been supportive of letting him pursue the trustee seat.