Read any good books lately? The Winnipeg Public Library is offering an insider's view of what books and movies are getting the most action at the checkout.  So if you can't decide what your next great read should be, head over to the Readers' Salon.

Find out what the most-borrowed books, movies and music are at the library right now -- in adult fiction, adult non-fiction, graphic novels, eBooks, movies, French fiction and more. 

Winnipeg Public Library

Library's website includes top 20 eBooks. (Winnipeg Public Library)

"The goal is primarily to share a love of reading," said collections librarian Barbara Bourrier-Lacroix.

"I think it's useful," she continued. "Last month I posted the top 20 graphic novels. So it might get people interested in checking out some of these graphic novels if they're not already graphic novel readers."

Lists are definitely a popular way of disseminating information in this online world. "I think we're all looking for lists," she said. "I think that's definitely the way we look for information nowadays, like little soundbites. With short lists you go through it, you might discover something you're interested in and then you go from there."

Her colleague Phil Bravo, who handles non-fiction acquisitions said top 20 lists may encourage people to think of visiting the library to borrow material.

"Social media has allowed libraries to participate in the community in a great way and it has allowed us to showcase and inform the public about all the great resources that we have, and so that some of the common perceptions about libraries can be dispelled, like that it's very quiet and that librarians have buns," he said, laughing.

What's Hot lists are helpful tools for library staff as well. They are are able to track the most popular books, identify trends, and are sometimes even surprised by what they see.

"There's a new Jane Austen-like book called Longbourn by Jo Baker. That stuff is still popular. I've had to order extra copies because we have 50 holds on it," she said. 

The Readers' Salon website also includes blogs written by staff on a variety of topics. "It's a way of sharing what we read, sharing different ideas about subjects you might not have realized you had an interest in," she said. "It's a lot of fun."