Local songwriter Grant Davidson has been dabbling in music for a number of years now.

While he has three full-length albums under his belt, it was only recently that he decided to get serious about his musical career —​ so serious that he cold-called Rusty Matyas of Imaginary Cities.

Now he's got a three-song preview EP that will soon be available under his musical alias Slow Leaves, which is a line from a poem by Jorge Luis Borges.

Davidson's EP is called Second Chances and it's a sneak peak at his full length CD, Beauty is so Common.

"With this album I wanted to have a fresh start from some of the stuff I'd done previously" he said. "So I kind of wanted to look at this as a new beginning."

"I felt like I had done the dusty-sounding roots record, stripped-down, four-piece arrangement. I wanted to allow each song to achieve its own potential, so that's where I decided to bring in a producer [Matyas]," he explained.

"When I heard the first Imaginary Cities record, I was really struck by the production choices and how each song was treated individually. It also had an interesting vibe that straddled the the pop and soul lines that appealed to me."

For his song Life of a Better Man, Davidson created a stop-motion animation video.

"I've always loved birds, the symbolism of birds," he admitted.

"This guy has a human body and a bird head. He's kind of Earth-bound … he sees a real bird and he's obsessed by the freedom of this bird. He becomes haunted by the bird, obsessed by it…. It's about knowing your potential is out there and dreaming about it."

Hear Grant Davidson in conversation with CBC host Bruce Ladan on SCENE On Air on Oct. 5. The show airs every Saturday from 5 - 6 p.m. on CBC Radio One, 89.3 FM/990 AM/97.9 FM in Brandon.

Catch Slow Leaves at the Park Theatre on Oct. 21 and again on Nov. 16 at the West End Cultural Centre. His EP Second Chances will be available on Oct. 8.