There's a new way to plan your next vacation in Canada: a website called Destinations.

It's a one-stop shopping place where you can find museums and historical sites in every nook and cranny of Canada. You can watch virtual tours and read stories from other people who have visited these destinations.

The site features celebrities, like Peter Mansbridge and Adrienne Clarkson, who will take you to their favourite places. You can even tell your own stories.

Gallery 1C03 at University of Winnipeg

Gallery 1C03 at the University of Winnipeg. (Ernest Mayer)

The portal is part of Canada's History website. Mark Reid, editor-in-chief of Canada's History Magazine (formerly The Beaver) and director of the Canada's History Society, says it's like a travel valet for the history lover.

Reid said the site offers lots of background information on museums and sites, a useful Google map and trip planner.

"Then you can take off and have the vacation of a lifetime," he said.

"It can be a tough sell to convince Canadians that their own history matters, even though I fervently believe it. So anything we can all do together to get this Canadian story out, in one location, can only just help everybody," Reid added.

Bison Run by Tillenius at Manitoba Museum

The Manitoba Museum is a treasure trove of Manitoba's history. (CBC)

"We're trying to present Destinations as one more tool that can help people share that past and not forget it."

Composer and writer Danny Schur, the creator of Strike, is a real history buff. He says the website is more than a travel planner — it's a digital tool to promote the national narrative.

"Museums and historical sites — they're all stories," he said.

"I'm a writer. What I'm interested in — what I think most people are interested in — is stories. You go on the site and you get the stories of wherever you want to go. So it's a story finder, and that's what excites me."