When Desiree Dorion has an idea for a song, she has to drop everything she’s doing.

“Songs just kind of come to me whenever they’re ready to come to me,” said Dorion. “I can be in a car driving and have to pull over to the side of the road and write down what’s going on in my head.”

But it’s not often Dorion gets a few minutes to sit down and write.

In addition to her songwriting career, she also works as a lawyer, visual artist and mother to a two-year-old daughter — which makes the upcoming release of her third album, Small Town Stories, all the more impressive.

So how does she juggle a burgeoning songwriting career, a high-powered day job, and taking care of a toddler?

Desiree Dorion and Marilyn Maki

Desiree Dorion in studio with CBC Radio Noon host Marilyn Maki. (CBC)

“I don’t know,” laughed Dorion. “We have an incredible amount of support and family ... so we’ve just kind of been balancing it all up until now.” 

The passion Dorion has poured in to her music is evident on Small Town Stories. A straightforward, unabashedly twangy album, it’s chock full of dusty roads and leather cowboy boots.

“I love the storytelling aspect of country music,” said Dorion. “You can hear almost any song and have an image in your head of the characters and the setting of the story.”

Based out of Dauphin, Man., she said growing up in a rural area and living a “country” life have played a huge part in shaping who she is today. And with the release of her third album, Dorion said she feels like she’s coming in to her own — musically and personally.

“I think I’ve gotten more confident in who I am, both as an artist and a woman,” said Dorion. “Just having my family and the independence to do the things I want to do, and hopefully to balance everything, is very exciting, and I think that makes me a little unique as an artist.”

The CD Release for Small Town Stories takes place on Tuesday, October 8th at the Windsor Hotel.