Flood preparations swing into high gear today in Fargo, North Dakota.

Police have issued a warning for the public to be aware that the massive movement of flood fighting equipment, trucks and sandbag convoys begins today.

In the next three days, police will be escorting sandbag delivery trucks to different drop-off points throughout the city. The police will be using lights and sirens to escort semis in groups of four to the sandbag drop-off points and then back to the loading points.

In all, 526 semi-loads of sandbags are expected to be moved.

Fargo is expecting record flooding this year. While closer to home, the Manitoba Trucking Association is raising warning flags about the coming flood.

Highway 75, the main road linking Winnipeg with the United States, is expected to be closed once the water rises.

The trucking association said it will cost the industry $1.5 million every week the highway is closed.