A Winnipeg program is trying to make a difference for adults looking for work. The Salvation Army's work readiness program offers 20 hours of class time per week to 80 social assistance recipients.

Students are offered courses in job skills, computer training, life management and student development, said a news release Tuesday. Forklift training and first aid training are also available.

Dennis Cook has been looking for work for more than a year. He's hoping the Salvation Army program will help him find employment to support his four children.

Cook moved to Winnipeg from Berens River seven years ago where he was gainfully employed as a machine operator at a northern dam. He has had a difficult time finding steady work since the economic downturn, said the release.

"When you learn the skills that they teach you here, it's a big help," said Cook.


Dennis Cook is one of dozens of adults enrolled in the Salvation Army's work readiness program in Winnipeg. (CBC)

The only prerequisite for the program is the ability to read and write above a grade six level, said program supervisor, Mandy Marsland.

Students work daily with an employment counsellor, she said, who will help with the job hunt.

"Making sure they are applying for jobs that are appropriate for them and their skills," Marsland said.