Salisbury House wants to open in Osborne Village

Iconic Winnipeg restaurant chain Salisbury House wants to open in Osborne Village.
Iconic restaurant wants Papa George's location 1:17

An iconic Winnipeg restaurant chain wants to set up shop in Osborne Village.

Salisbury House wants to take over the lease after Papa George's, a long time staple in the area, closes this fall.

Salisbury House of Canada says it is willing to spend up to $1 million to renovate the old Papa George's restaurant at the corner of Osborne Street and River Avenue and turn it into a modern and more upscale eatery.

Company president Earl Barish, who submitted a letter of interest on Wednesday afternoon, told CBC News it would be a perfect fit for the area.

"We'll blend into the neighbourhood," he said, adding that the restaurant will be unique to the trendy Osborne Village neighbourhood.

"The interior of the restaurant will not come out of a cookie-cutter type plan," he said. "It will be a plan for a restaurant that will be specific and fit nicely to the area."

But some residents are opposed to the idea of another corporate chain popping up in the neighbourhood.

"I think Osborne is kind of losing its novelty," Steve Brennan said.

The area is already experiencing a makeover: construction is underway on an expanded Shoppers Drug Mart, after the buildings that housed video rental store Movie Village and Vietnamese restaurant Vi-Ann were recently torn down.

The owners of Papa George's are not commenting on the matter.

Salisbury House says the next step is to set up a meeting with the property's real estate agent.