Winnipeg restaurant chain Salisbury House says its Pembina Highway and Stafford Street location will stay closed at least until next week, as it removes all evidence of a recent fatal shooting.

The 24-hour eatery has been closed since Sept. 27, after a gunman walked inside the restaurant just after 3 a.m. CT and took aim at two men, killing one of them and injuring the other.

'It's going to be a brand-new restaurant again.' —Brad Kramble

As many as seven bullet holes could be seen in the front windows of the restaurant as a result of the shooting.

Brad Kramble, Salisbury House's vice-president of operations, says the Pembina and Stafford location is essentially being gutted.

Kramble said damage from the shooting was extensive, and almost everything is getting replaced.

"The entire carpeting is being replaced. All the fabric, the seats … and the booths are being replaced," he told CBC News.

"It's either damaged because of bullets or because, obviously, of blood."

Could reopen late next week

The earliest the restaurant could reopen is late next week, Kramble said, adding that there will be no sign of the crime scene remaining by then.

"With the amount of glass that was in, everywhere in the building … as well the amount of blood, you don't want to risk ever having either one of those two factors," he said.

"That's a big, big factor because when you come back in, it's going to be a brand-new restaurant again."

Kramble said there is still no estimate of damages from the shooting.

Jeffrey Lau, 23, died in the attack, while 22-year-old Garrick Nickel was taken to hospital, where he was last reported to be in stable condition.

Winnipeg police have yet to announce any arrests in connection with the shooting, which investigators believe was linked to the drug trade.