Extreme weather battered southern Manitoba Saturday, terrifying residents of a First Nation that sits just north of Pine Falls.

Residents in Sagkeeng First Nation watched winds and rain lift dog houses and garbage cans, throwing them several metres in the air.

"It was freaky. It was so freaky. I called one of my little foster boys there. I was ready to go grab blankets and go and sit in the tub," said Dorothy Swampy, who lives on the First Nation.

The storm started just after 6 p.m., knocking down trees and lifting 90 kilogram anti-bear garbage bins into the air.

Swampy said her neighbour saw a funnel cloud touch down.

"The lake started to lift, and I freaked because we’re just right by the mouth of the lake here, and the rain was like white out and the wind was so strong it sounded like a big engine," she said. "Power went off [at our neighbours]. It kept coming off and on there. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life."

Environment Canada officials said they couldn’t confirm if a tornado had hit the area but did say the storm caused flooding in Winkler.

The southwest Red River Valley saw between 25 and 45 millimetres of rain. The southeast side of the valley, just outside Emerson, received 60 to 100 mm.

Now, Sagkeeng and Emerson are working to clean up after the torrential downpour.