New safety barriers will be installed at the Brandon Regional Heath Centre after two separate incidents of people plunging to their deaths from the upper floors.


New safety barries will be installed at the Brandon Regional Heath Centre after two people jumped from an upper balcony to their deaths in previous years. (Brandon Clinic Medical Corporation)

Plans to install floor to ceiling barriers in the hallways facing the atrium have been finalized.

In the summer of 2011 a man who jumped from the fourth-floor balcony at the hospital died from his injuries. He landed on a man in a wheelchair who was later reported to be recovering from a shoulder injury caused by the incident.

On Dec. 31 of 2010 a women fell to her death from a fourth-floor balcony after receiving grief counselling.

The deaths prompted officials to invest in a plan that would prevent such incidents from happening again.

A tempered glass barrier will extend from the existing railing to the ceiling, said Brian Schoonbaert, the CEO of the heath centre.

"We're also going to be doing not only the upper floors, but we're going to be doing the second floor as well just for safety reasons," said Schoonbaert. "No one would be able to even fall from that level."

The hospital had temporary barriers up until the design was finalized, Schoonbaert explained. Construction will get underway this fall and the project will be completed by early 2014.

The cost to put up the barriers has not been released, but the province will foot the bill.