Warning sign

Close-up of the sign warning drivers of the ruts. (Leif Larsen/CBC)

Get your shovels out... again.

City crews will be plowing back lanes this week to get rid of the deep ruts, but they'll be leaving the large ridges for you to clear away.

The plowing will be done between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. The clearing should be done by 7 p.m. Friday.

Currently, the City of Winnipeg’s policy states it's only responsible for windrows on front drives but not for the removal of windrows in back lanes.

Earlier this winter, city councillor Russ Wyatt introduced a motion at city hall to review whether or not the city should be responsible for clearing windrows (piles of snow pushed onto people’s properties by snowplows).

The motion calls for a review of the options for snow clearing, including the removal of windrows in back lanes, but the motion wouldn't lead to any changes in policy this winter.

Wyatt has explained in January that back lane snow plowing is necessary to prevent impassable ruts formed by freezing slush in the freeze-thaw cycle Winnipeg experiences this time of year.