The Alberta election results show a north-south split in rural electoral divisions between the Progressive Conservatives and the Wildrose.

Rural ridings in the north have mostly gone with the PCs, with the south heading over to the Wildrose.

While the rural vote has traditionally gone Tory, the Wildrose Party had been polling well outside of Alberta's urban centres during the entire election campaign.

Some of the bigger races included Tory candidate Ted Morton in Chestermere–Rocky View. The longtime cabinet minister lost his seat to Wildrose candidate Bruce McAllister, who grabbed roughly 58 per cent of the popular vote in the riding. 

Another big race was in Dunvegan–Central Peace–Notley, where PC candidate Hector Goudreau, who previously served as the minister of tourism, parks, recreation and culture and minister of employment and immigration, won with 227 votes over Wildrose candidate Kelly Hudson.

In the riding of Grande Prairie–Wapiti, where CBC's Vote Compass respondents said they wanted "much less" government say over land ownership, PC candidate Wayne Drysdale took the popular vote despite displeasure with recent land bills introduced by the Tory government.