A run-down rental home on Dufferin Street in Winnipeg has been inspected by local authorities, who told CBC News the place is not fit for habitation.

Rodrick Pelletier had been renting the place, at 495 Dufferin St., for five years and told CBC News that he made numerous complaints about the condition of the home, to his landlord.

The home has many floor boards that were rotting and, according to Pelletier, a broken furnace and unreliable hot water.

Records show the registered owner of the property is Navdeep Randhawa, although Pelletier told CBC News it was managed by Kuljinder Randhawa.

She was at the property on Friday and declined to answer questions about the situation.

"It's none of your concern," she said when approached by a CBC News reporter.

Earlier this week, Navdeep Randhawa told CBC News that Pelletier did not tell him about the broken furnace until March.

He also said he was evicting Pelletier since the tenant was two months late paying rent. He added he wanted people out of the building, so he could renovate.

A search of property records indicates that Navdeep and Kuljinder Randhawa own at least 43 properties in Winnipeg's inner city, between them.

City bylaw enforcement officers and an official from Manitoba Health were at the Dufferin Street home, for an inspection.

Manitoba's Chief Public Health Inspector, Mike LeBlanc, said the findings will lead to a formal process that would prevent anyone from living there until repairs are made.

LeBlanc called the house uninhabitable.

According to officials, Kuljinder Randhawa was fined, in 2012, for failure to maintain heat in a rental property at 813 Pritchard Avenue.