It could be the crowning glory of an out-of-this-world science experiment for a class of Interlake grade-school kids.

Science students at the Woodlands and Brant-Argyle schools will meet Prince Charles and his wife Camilla next week.

Some of the future scientists are in the middle of a cancer experiment which saw their research sent to the International Space Station.

Teacher Maria Nickel said her students are very excited about meeting royalty.

"Screams of delight, and 'are you serious?' and 'no way,' and 'that's really cool,' and 'it's a bucket list.'"

Nickel herself was surprised about the meeting.

"It was quite mind boggling," she said. "I didn't think my little project would get to this level."

The students are getting tips on how to curtsy and bow and what to wear when they meet Charles and Camilla.

Nickel said they may have results from their experiment to share with the Royals by the time they arrive.