The Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce has put forward a plan to upgrade part of Route 90, one of the city's busiest streets.

Route 90, Winnipeg

The local business group has given Winnipeg city hall its proposal for improving Route 90, and chamber president Dave Angus says he hopes to hear back from council soon.

Angus has described Route 90, between St. Matthews Avenue and Ness Avenue, as a battered, embarrassing blemish when it should be a showcase.

The street is among Winnipeg's most-travelled roadways, with tourists and residents alike using it everyday, he said.

Any work to revamp Route 90 would come with major challenges, such as a large watermain underneath the road and a power line over top.

Angus could not give specifics about the chamber's proposal, but he said he feels city officials will like the plan.

An announcement should be expected sometime in the next month, he said.