This week's mild temperatures are reminding Winnipeggers that spring is on the way, and with that comes worries about ice and snow on roofs melting and leaking into homes.

Temperatures fluctuating between bitterly cold and near-zero in recent weeks, combined with heavy snowfall, have resulted in ice dams forming on more rooftops.

That's keeping roof services companies like Eaves Cleaned Plus hard at work this winter, with staff handling upwards of 150 calls on a busy day, says owner Joe Jagodnik.

"We seem to have more fluctuating temperatures in the past couple years. In the past, it seemed the temperature was more stable in the winter months," Jagodnik said Thursday.

Jagodnik said the issue is that ice builds up on roofs, forming dams that keep melting snow from flowing off the roof. Water from the melting snow has nowhere to go, and leaks through the roof.

Older homes are especially prone to the problem, since they weren't constructed with the same insulation or prevention measures found in newer houses, he said.

Jagodnik said a homeowner's best line of defence is to hire professionals to remove snow from rooftops.

Those who want to do the job themselves should do so safely by using a roof rake, staying off the roof, and getting someone to help, he added.