Ron Burgundy has declared Winnipeg to be the "Paris of Canada."

"It means the small tundra bunny who lives inside the hole on the hill," Burgundy described when asked about Winnipeg.  

Well-known actor Will Ferrell played up his character Ron Burgundy from the 2004 movie Anchorman as he spoke to reporters at MTS Centre Sunday. 

That's where he's bringing out Burgundy as a sportscaster for the Roar of the Rings, the biggest curling event of the season, which will determine who will represent Canada at the Winter Olympics.

Burgundy told reporters that curling has his heart, that's why he has incorporated some curling terms such as "hurry hard" and "right off it" into his every day life. 

"If I'm in a crowded flight somewhere and someone's messing with the overhead bags I'd say 'Right off it,'" Burgundy explained. "I use those, say, probably 10 times a day in my personal life." 

When asked what he could bring to the game of curling, Burgundy said "dignity and class." 

"I know I smell good," he said. "Finally someone to give Vic Rauter some competition in the booth, straighten him out for once," he added about the TSN sportscaster who has covered Canadian curling for more than 20 years.