The Wildrose party has filed a complaint with Elections Alberta and the RCMP over what it claims are dirty tricks involving robocalls.

Party officials say they're receiving angry calls from voters complaining of around-the-clock robocalls, purportedly from Wildrose. 

Wildrose senate candidate Vitor Marciano says the calls are aimed at harassing voters and turning them against the party.

"They have recorded a legitimate call that we have made and then they have just loaded it into a dialer and redialed it over and over and over again out to communities."

Some voters are getting up 10 calls a day, he said.

Most complaints are coming come from the Grande Prairie area in northwest Alberta, although other ridings across the province have also been receiving the calls, Marciano said.

"Our opponents have recorded a message and are spam dialing voters pretending to be us, to anger Wildrose voters," tweeted party leader Danielle Smith Thursday night.

Marciano said he believes the calls are politically motivated, but he has no proof.