You can add another name to the growing list of people who want to be mayor in Winnipeg.

Robert–Falcon Ouellette, program director for the Aboriginal Focus Programs at the University of Manitoba, filed his papers Friday morning.

He is the seventh declared candidate for mayor of Winnipeg.

Ouellette plans to hold an official campaign launch Friday at noon at the Caboto Centre on Wilkes Avenue.

In an interview Friday morning with CBC News, he talked a bit about crime and rapid transit.

Robert Falcon Ouellette

Robert Falcon Ouellette filed his papers on Friday to become the seventh declared candidate for Winnipeg mayor. (CBC)

On crime, he said politicians need to stop increasing the police budget and addressing social issues linked to crime.

And on rapid transit, Oullette said it makes no sense to have spent decades planning, then build half of it, and now continue debating about whether to go ahead.

"My problem is with the politicians currently. I just don't feel many of them understand how cities function; what makes cities work," he said.

Other declared mayoral candidates include:

  • Brian Bowman​
  • Michel Fillion
  • Paula Havixbeck​
  • Gord Steeves
  • Michael Vogiatzakis​
  • Gordon Warren

​Current Mayor Sam Katz has not yet said if he will seek re-election.