The Village of Reston has declared a state of emergency after heavy rain Friday night caused flooding. (Jillian Coubrough/CBC)

The Rural Municipality of Pipestone in southwestern Manitoba has declared a state of emergency after heavy rain caused local flooding overnight. 

The area around the town of Reston received between 15 and 20 centimetres of rain Friday night.

Reeve Ross Tycoles said their systems couldn't handle that amount of water.

"We've had roads in some areas we've had to close," he told CBC News. "We've got washouts in the north part of the municipality. We're worried about the Village of Cromer, they've had three inches up there, so it's been a fairly significant hit."  

Reston, MB

Tycoles said they are concerned about more water coming into the area. There is rain in the forecast for Sunday and the river tributaries are expected to rise as well. Officials are determining whether they need to evacuate some houses south of the railway tracks that run through Reston.

About 1500 people live in the RM of Pipestone, which includes the communities of Reston, Pipestone, Cromer, and Sinclair.

The RM is located in the southwest corner of Manitoba, resting along the Saskatchewan border.