Volunteers at a community orchard in Riverview say someone keeps stealing all their apples.

About 70 kilograms of apples have been stolen from the South Osborne Community Co-op Orchard lately, and volunteer Anni Granson said this is the second year in a row people are stealing the fruit.

South Osborne Community Co-Op orchard

Apples trees at the South Osborne Community Co-Op's orchard were filled with apples until someone came and stole them all. Anni Granson saw them doing it and tried to tell them to stop, but they didn't listen. (CBC)

"It's a shame because we really are a nice group of people here that would love to learn from each other, we share with each other,” said Granson.

Granson, who has been helping out at the centre for 15 years, said she confronted a family last week who was caught picking apples and destroying the trees.

"We're more than happy to share because we have lots of produce anyway, but we don't appreciate people coming and taking [when] they don't know what they're taking,” said Granson. “First of all, the apples aren't ready, but they also ripped off the branches, so they ruined the trees, too."

Granson said people can take apples if they are part of a fruit-share program, where people can sign up as volunteers to help pick apples in the neighbourhood.