Some River Heights residents met with their city councillor on Wednesday night to complain about a new house they feel is too big for the neighbourhood.

The three-storey home, which has been under construction in the 300 block of Montrose Street since the spring, towers over other homes in the neighbourhood, but it does comply with city building regulations.

Still, some residents say it just doesn't fit.

"It's a monster house," said Michael Butler, who lives next door.

"It's significantly higher than any of the houses in the neighbourhood," he added. "It's not in line with any of the others. It's closer to the road than any of the other houses."

Butler suggested Winnipeg's bylaws should be tightened to restrict the size of homes in established neighbourhoods.

River Heights Coun. John Orlikow met with dozens of concerned residents on Wednesday night to discuss the large house.

"It may meet the zoning requirements, but it doesn't take into context anything about the neighbourhood itself," Orlikow said.

Orlikow said a "one size fits all" approach doesn't work, as different areas need different zoning rules to preserve the neighbourhoods' character.

He added that he has taken the first step to have the rules changed, as the city's administration is reviewing the idea.