Manitoba emergency officials are scrambling to raise the levels of several dikes in the province after learning that an unreliable water gauge on the Qu'Appelle River in Saskatchewan was reading low.

Water from the Qu'Appelle River flows to the Assiniboine River, a major waterway in western Manitoba.

Officials said Friday that the faulty gauge was underestimating water flow.

They said they now expect the Assiniboine River to rise about 30 centimetres in the coming days.

That has several communities scrambling to raise the height of dikes.

Manitoba's Emergency Measures Minister said Friday the news was a wakeup call for those who thought the flood threat was over.

"It's a reminder to everyone," Steve Ashton said. "Some assumed the crest in the city [of Winnipeg] was the end of the flood season. We're facing significant challenges provincewide, and the Assiniboine is a very significant challenge."

Flood fighters were also growing anxious because of rain in the weekend weather forecast.

In Brandon, Man., officials are hoping they don't get a downpour.

"A couple of inches would get us scrambling," Brian Kayes, the emergency measures co-ordinator for the area, told CBC News Friday.

Residents of Brandon said they have never seen the Assiniboine River so swollen.

"As far as I remember, this is a lot worse than I ever seen," Marie McDougall said.