Southern Manitoba's Dauphin Lake is forecast to rise at least a third of a metre over the next couple of weeks, prompting concern from area residents.

The lake is already a metre above the normal summer target level and is already considered to be at flood stage.

"Basically, we're waiting for Mother Nature to help us out and let the rain stop," said Clinton Cleave, Reeve of the RM of Ochre River.

Cleave said he fears that if the rain keeps up the way it has been lately, the lake could rise three times as much as predicted to a full meter.

That kind of increase would mean people on the lake dealing with the same levels they saw in the 2011 flood.

Cleave said the RM has raised roads since then and made other improvements he hopes will help guard against rising waters.

Levels threaten shoreline properties

Germaine Gendreau has been watching the water from her shorefront home and is worried wind will play a factor.

“There's no, no getting out of, the lake level will go up now because of the rain we've had in the last week. It's going to go up,” said Gendreau. “I don't know how much it will go up, but it will go up.”

Gendreau said area residents like her already have super sandbags or cement walls in place from last year.

But she is concerned the walls and bags won't be enough to keep her home dry if it keeps raining.

"Quite a few of us, yes, we put them up last July because we were concerned already then and mainly we were concerned with the winds at that time," said Gendreau.

"But now it's getting to the point where the lake level is getting high enough that we are getting concerned about the water level too."

The province has advised those with shorefront properties to secure or remove valuables along shorelines in case levels rise abruptly and threaten to sweep them away.