Revolving restaurant to reopen as Prairie 360 next month

After almost five years of sitting idle, Winnipeg’s revolving restaurant is reopening at Prairie 360 next month.

After five year closure, restaurant offering Manitoba cuisine slated to reopen in November

Idle since 2008, downtown Winnipeg's revolving restaurant is reopening as Prairie 360. 1:50

After almost five years of sitting idle, Winnipeg’s revolving restaurant is ready to roll again as Prairie 360 next month.

“We’re super excited. We’re like 99 per cent done on construction,” said Noel Bernier, the restaurant’s new owner. “It’s a dramatic change in appearance and revitalization of the restaurant.”

The revolving restaurant spins to give a 360 degree view of Winnipeg from the 30th floor of 83 Garry St.

“It takes 72 minutes for the restaurant to do a full revolution, so you’ll have a breathtaking view of Winnipeg,” said Bernier.

The space first opened in the 1980s but was shut down in 2008 after building owners and the people operating the restaurant in the space failed to renew their partnership.

“It’s really time … to make this restaurant a celebration of who we are,” said Bernier.

The food offered at the restaurant will be Manitoba themed with a number of multi-cultural dishes.

“We’ve been talking to farmers. We’ve been in houses talking with grandmas and getting recipes for desserts — that’s basically the spirit of this place,” said Alfonso Maury, the restaurant’s executive chef.

But that spirit won’t come cheap — dishes range from about $25 to $45 each, with a cheaper kids menu.

The restaurant’s grand opening will happen on Nov. 9, when it hosts a private fundraiser for the Canadian Museum for Human Rights. The restaurant will open to the public on Nov. 11.


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