A south Winnipeg woman says the busy intersection near her home has become confusing and dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists since it was redesigned last year.

Dorothy Peters says she's had to be a de facto crossing guard at the intersection of Pembina Highway and Plaza Drive lately, stopping people from crossing the street where a crosswalk used to be.

"No crosswalk!" she shouts at someone about to walk across the street on Wednesday, while she waits for a transit bus at the stop on the other side.

"They could be be hit and killed," she said.

Peters said the intersection has been "basically chaos" since September 2012, when the city finished making changes to it.

With the redesign, pedestrians lost one of two crosswalks on Pembina at Plaza.

But Peters said people still try to walk in the non-existent crosswalk, putting themselves at risk of being struck by oncoming traffic.

"I saw this light facing this way, so I thought I could cross this way," said Vivian Krywy, a pedestrian who was redirected by Peters.

"It is very confusing, especially to older people," she added.

Peters has also been talking to cyclists at the intersection, namely those who shift gears from the bike lane to the sidewalk.

River Heights-Fort Garry Coun. John Orlikow says traffic engineers are looking into concerns related to the intersection.

"We send it forward to the engineers to reassess it, if there's anything we can do to make it a little bit safer and a little more clear," Orlikow said.