Not torrential rain, nor floods, nor the lack of electricity kept 13 high-school students in Reston, Man., from graduating this week.

The small southwestern Manitoba town has been hit by flash flooding twice in the past week due to heavy downpours, washing out roads and forcing some people out of their homes.

When the latest storm struck on Tuesday evening, some residents scrambled to bring generators and work lights to the local school, which was without power, to ensure the graduation ceremony would go ahead as planned.

"There was no microphone so we just had to, like, yell out the ceremony," said 18-year-old Kennedy Watt, a member of Reston's Class of 2013.

"Actually, halfway through, the power did come back on, so right in the middle of the valedictorian speech it did come back on."

The several hundred people in the crowd cheered when the electricity came back on, Watt added.

"It was just kind of surreal. Like, I've never seen anything like that," she said.

"For a day that we spent so long preparing for, it was kind of crazy that it got turned around so quick like that."

While the ceremony went ahead, Watt said the Safe Grad party afterwards was cancelled because of the power outages in town.