Bullet holes can be seen in the large windows of the Salisbury House restaurant. (Meaghan Ketcheson/CBC)

Friends of two men shot at a Winnipeg restaurant have been left in shock and tears.

And police on Friday said the incident could be gang-related and they are worried about acts of retaliation in the city.

Jeffrey Lau, 23, and Garrick Nickel, 22, were inside the Salisbury House restaurant at Pembina Highway at Stafford Street on Thursday when a gunman walked in and took aim at the two men.

Lau was killed and Nickel remains in hospital in stable condition.

Kelsey Holness cried as she described them Friday morning as 'good guys,' friendly and kind hearted.

"Jeff, when you see him he'd always be like, 'How are you doing? What's going on?' He'd take the initiative to go out of his way to just to be nice and friendly and kind," she said.

"Garrick is, he's hilarious, he can always make me laugh. He's very kind hearted, very funny."

Holness said everyone who knew them is in shock, and many are mad.

"I was angry, sad and angry because first of all, I don't even know why people have guns, you know? I don't understand why they have to go to that extent anymore. It's just ridiculous," she said.

"It's just kind of hard to accept that they've been taken already and you've known them for so long."

Police are still investigating at the scene of the shooting and no arrests have been made.

However, investigators have learned that other customers were inside the restaurant at the time and police would like to speak to them. They are urging those people to call police at 204-986-6508 or Crime Stoppers at 204-786-TIPS (8477).