The indigenous community in Winnipeg and beyond is mourning the loss of Lyna Hart, a residential school survivor who travelled the world to sit with other indigenous people in ceremony. 

Hart, who was 60, died of a heart condition the week of Dec. 28. 

She was a nurse and advocated for food security on Manitoba's First Nations. 

Hart shared her recollection of being in a residential school in a docudrama called We Were Children.


A still from We Were Children, a feature-length docudrama that tells the story of residential school survivors Lyna Hart and Glen Anaquod. (ImagineNATIVE)

"As hard as it was for her to make the movie, she made it to share her story, and also it was healing for her in a way," said her brother, Kevin Hart, adding his sister lent her voice to those who did not have one.

"You know survivors that said... we are survivors, and if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have the strength to tell my story. So she was an inspiration to a lot of people in that way," Hart said.

Friends, family and mourners came together on Thursday for a traditional funeral, which went all through the night, and shared stories of Hart to say goodbye.