Winnipeg motorists, it's time to remember your parking ban "zone," as city crews are going to start clearing snow from residential streets tomorrow night.

Plows will begin clearing snow from residential streets from Tuesday at 7 p.m. to Wednesday at 7 a.m. in these zones: B, J, L, M, O, R and V.

Snow clearing will then move to the following zones during the day Wednesday (7 a.m. to 7 p.m.): E, G, I, P, S, U.

These zones will be plowed between 7 p.m. on Wednesday and 7 a.m. on Thursday: D, F, H, K, N, T, Q.

Zone C will be cleared during the day on Thursday, followed by Zone A on Thursday night and early Friday morning.

Residents in the zones where snow clearing has been scheduled must move their vehicles off the streets during the 12-hour periods in which their residential parking ban is in effect.

Some Winnipeggers had wanted to see their streets cleared following last week's snowstorm.

Jim Berezowsky, the city's street maintenance manager, said there's a reason why officials waited.

"We were trying to ensure that the emergency passability areas were addressed first, and that we got the lanes taken care of throughout the weekend, so that we could make the decision on a residential clearing operation today," he said Monday.

Vehicles that are parked in a snow zone that is slated to be cleared will get a $150 ticket and will be towed to a nearby street.

"Get your information, make the necessary arrangements, because ticketing and towing will be commencing. There is no grace period," Berezowsky said.

To find out what zone you're in, you can go to the city's Know Your Zone website or call 311.

City officials are urging residents to take note of their zone letter right away, as the 311 service is expected to be busy on Tuesday with Leisure Guide registration calls.