The pilot who helped locate two teenage girls lost in the Manitoba wilderness overnight said he’s happy he was able to help.

Justin Seniuk was part of the search and rescue crew that found two girls in Nopiming Provincial Park after they went missing during a canoe trip on Elbow Lake.

RCMP and Manitoba Conservation got in touch with Seniuk after the girls went missing Wednesday evening.

When Seniuk got up in the air Thursday morning, he said the girls were easy to spot.

"They were really close to camp. As soon as we got to where they were camping, we just kind of started looking around that area,” said Seniuk, who works with Prairie Helicopters in Gimli. “They were standing on this high ridge, and they were moving their arms."

The girls, age 14 and 16, were a bit shaken but happy, he said.

“Oh they looked happy and sad altogether,” said Seniuk.

They had accidentally been separated from their camping group while berry picking and ended up spending the night alone in the wilderness, away from their camp.

RCMP said the girls, one from Winnipeg and the other from East St. Paul, were uninjured.