Reporters Notebook: A peek behind the curtain

Reporter's Notebook: Straight from the Tory War Room — an email we weren't supposed to get.

Reporter's Notebook | Kim Trynacity

CBC Television Reporter Kim Trynacity covers the Alberta legislature. (CBC)

The twists and turns of campaign organization read like a mystery novel.

The larger-than-life characters, finance, money ... maybe even some sex. But they are little-known beasts to those on the outside.

As a reporter, I come close to a campaign, but the answers I get are often gratuitous and canned. Now I REALLY know why.

Early this afternoon, I got a cryptic one-line email from someone in the Redford campaign. I thought nothing of it, and chalked it up to just a slight error — nothing major really.

Then, as I usually do, I checked my "Junk" file. There it was, speaking notes from the PC Alberta War Room.

It's a rare look into who gets what, and how things are planned, then planned again. Here's the email that was supposed to go to a selected few. Enjoy!