CBC Reporter Scott Dippel covers politics from Calgary. (CBC)


Part of the fun of election campaigns is when things don't go as planned. The unscripted comment or the surprise voter interaction.

Spare a moment for Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson who had the task of warming up the small crowd waiting for party leader Danielle Smith in a hotel ballroom in Airdrie, Alta., last night.

Instead of a quick intro, he had to stall several minutes while waiting for Smith to arrive. So then he decided to introduce the Wildrose senatorial candidates.

Anderson said there were a couple of them in the room. 

"Why, there's Vitor Marciano at the back of the room." (Applause). 

Then it went like this.


Wildrose MLA Rob Anderson warms up the crowd while he waits for leader Danielle Smith. (CBC)

"We also have a new senate candidate I understand and he was just barely nominated, just barely selected. And is he here today? Where are you? (A hand goes up at the back of room.)

"Oh, there we go. Sorry, what's the name again?" (Rob Gregory yells his name.)

"Rob Gregory over here!!!" (Applause) 

"I'm sorry Rob, I would remember that name. I should probably remember the name Rob, I guess, but uh, there you go."

For the record, Gregory took it well and Anderson moved on. Gregory was just picked by the Wildrose brass this week to replace Jeff Callaway.

The former Wildrose president was dropped from the party senatorial slate this week as Callaway was barred from running in elections for five years as a result of not filing paperwork on time for a candidate in the 2008 election.

Onwards ...