Shamattawa school, library

The library in the Abraham Beardy Memorial School in Shamattawa has been shut down because of mould. (Community Futures Kitayan website )

A school library in Shamattawa has been shut down because of mould.

Abraham Beardy Memorial School was forced to destroy all of its books last year because of health concerns.

The building is old and the roof had been leaking for some time before the mould was discovered.

Principal Lawrence Einsarsson says a new school is being built and will need new books to fill it.

"We do have some books that we have been utilizing in the classroom. Basically one of our biggest supporters are the Manitoba First Nation Resource Centre and whatever books they have been giving us, that's basically the books that we've been utilizing."

Einarsson expects the new school and library will open in 2015.

If you have any books you'd like to donate, you can drop them off at the CBC building, 541 Portage Avenue, Winnipeg.