Regina's new slogan, 'Regina - Infinite Horizons,' was developed by a Winnipeg ad agency over the last 18 months. ((City of Regina))

The City of Regina said Monday that it is launching a new brand and slogan in an effort to entice people outside Saskatchewan to move to the city.

Regina Mayor Pat Fiacco confirmed to CBC News that it has adopted the slogan "Regina — Infinite Horizons" as the catchphrase of a new external marketing campaign.

The city will also keep its current slogan, "I Love Regina."

"I Love Regina" was introduced by the mayor's office as the city's slogan in 2002. Since then, nearly 25,000 pins displaying it have been distributed.

It has also been featured on a clothing line, and as the catchphrase of a city-sponsored running event for the last three years.

But Fiacco suggested something new was needed to market the city to outsiders.

"We're at a stage where we're growing and we want to get the message out there," Fiacco told CBC News.

The branding campaign — which will include TV advertisements to signal the change for people — will cost the city $400,000, Fiacco said. It has been in development for the last 18 months.

Fiacco said he feels it's a worthwhile expense if it encourages people to move to the city.

"I did some research on the numbers on what a new citizen would provide to the community, which is about $40,000," Fiacco said.

"So, [if] we get about 10 new people, it's pretty much paid for itself over the years."

The new slogan and brand strategy were developed by Winnipeg advertising agency McKim Cringan George.


  • The City of Regina is retaining both "I Love Regina" and "Regina - Infinite Horizons" as slogans, and is not disposing of "I Love Regina," as was originally reported.
    Feb 09, 2010 12:47 PM CT